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Gopro 4 coupons

New Gopro Hero 4 Camera is about to launch on October 5th.  Gopro 4 pre orders are non existent, so I’m sure there are no Gopro Hero 4 coupons available.  When it launches on Sunday, I’m hoping there will be at least one posted at Gopro Coupons.  They always have the latest Gopro coupons if there are any available. They currently have a couple really decent Gopro Hero3+ coupons at Gopro Coupons.  Free SD Card and Gopro free shipping on the Hero 3+ silver edition and a full $50 off and free shipping Gopro Hero 3+.

Ignore everything I just blogged.  I didn’t get to finish this blog until now.  The Gopro Hero 4 has launched and is now available.  better news is there are actually Gopro Hero 4 coupons at Gopro Coupon codes.  For both the Black and silver hero4 Gopro cameras there are free shipping coupons.  In addition to the free shipping you get your choice of a free Grenade Grip the Arm mount or a free $25 gift certificate.  No one else has any Gopro Hero4 coupons available besides free shipping, so use the coupons at Gopro coupons before they sell out.  Not often you get anything for free when a new Gopro Hero camera model launches.

Free Stuff Gopro Coupons

A newer 2014 Gopro camera coupon is available at Gopro Coupons.   About two weeks ago I wrote about the two newest Gopro coupon code for this year.  It was for a free 32 GB Micro SD Card or Wasabi power kit, plus Gopro free shipping on a Gopro Hero 3+ black edition.  For the Gopro Hero 3+ silver edition it was get a free 16 GB micro SD Card and Gopro free shipping.  Now both are still available at Gopro Coupon codes, but the newest Gopro deal is a much better deal for anyone looking to save on a Gopro Hero3+ Black camera.  The latest Gopro coupon gets you a whole bunch of free stuff that includes the following – A free 16 GB Class 10 Scandisk Micro SD Card Coupon, two extra free Gopro batteries, a free AC/DC travel charger for your extra batteries (also charges original Gopro battery), a free Gopole Grenade grip and Gopro Camera free shipping.

In total it’s getting close to $90 worth of free stuff including the free shipping.  They are in stock and available until supplies last or the coupon expires.  There is no definitive expiry date on this Gopro coupon from what I can see, so be safe and jump on this deal.  This is the same deal that was being offered for the holidays shopping season last year.  I can’t guarantee it, but I’m close to 100% sure that this is going to be the absolute best deal that you are going to find when it comes to savings on a Gopro Hero3+ Black edition camera.  You don’t even need to go out and spend any extra money on a SD card because it comes with a free one and you will most likely end up using the two free extra Gopro batteries and travel charger as well.  Even the Gopole Grenade grip is great for when you want to use your Gopro when it’s not mounted.  It turns your wearable camera into a very usable HD Camcorder.  The only thing I would like to see that wold be better is if the swapped the Gopole grenade grip and gave you a Gopole “The Bobber” instead.  I guess you can’t really complain because it’s all free.  Take all the free stuff you can when you can with this newest Gopro camera coupon.  All the free stuff mentioned is only applicable to the $399 Gopro Hero3+ black camera not the silver edition Hero 3+ camera.

$50 Top Gopro Hero3+ coupons at Gopro Coupons

Brand new Gopro camera has just launched and you can already get a Gopro Launch deal with Gopro hero3+ coupon at Gopro Coupons.  The newest Gopro camera is an improved Gopro Hero 3 camera available in the black edition and silver edition.  The cost of the Gopro Hero3+ Black  is $399 and the Gopro Hero3+ silver is $299.  Direct replacement for the Gopro Hero 3 cameras and at the same price, just improved.  The Gopro Hero3+ launch coupon at Gopro coupons, gets you Gopro Free shipping, a free 32Gb micro SD Card and a free Gopro Wasabi power kit.  The savings here is about $50.  The new Gopro hero3+ is not a major overhaul but it’s slightly improved.  It is 20% smaller and lighter, but still has the same footprint as the Hero 3.  They look identical still.  It has a new Super View mode, an improved auto low light mode for better low light performance.  It also has a 33% improved image and reduced distortion, because they put a better lens on the Hero 3+.  The Hero3+ battery life is also improved with an upgraded battery for 30% longer battery life and the last upgrade is a faster wi-fi chip for enhanced connectivity when using the Gopro Remote control or connecting to your camera with Gopro App.

It’s a slight improvement, with the biggie being the battery.  I highly doubt anyone that has a Gopro hero 3 camera now will be upgrading, but current Hero 2 users and new Gopro Camera users will benefit for the slight Gopro Camera improvements.  You don’t really have a choice because it’s a direct replacement of the Hero 3 cameras, which are already tough to find.  There is no increase in price at $399 and $299.  If your running on a budget and want to save some cash you may want to jump on one of the Gopro hero 3 coupons which are still available at Gopro Coupons.  They are dissipearing fast, but you can still use a coupon and save $70 off a Gopro Hero 3 camera.  There is also still stock on the Gopro Hero 3 coupon that saves you an additional $50 off on top of the $70 price drop.  At $$120 off and only $279 for a Gopro hero 3 black, most people will have to consider this Gopro coupon.  I just tried this Gopro coupon deal out at Gopro Coupon codes and they still have stock and the coupon code is still valid until October 8th.  This deal is just too good to pass up in my opinion.

Top July 2013 Gopro Coupons incl. Free $40 32GB SD Card

It’s a new month and the big Fourth of July weekend is only a couple days away.  It’s a great time to find new Gopro Deals and Gopro Coupons.  Unfortunately I have not found any monster saving Gopro Deals like 40% off Gopro Coupons or even $40 off Gopro Coupons.  Most of the online Gopro Vendors have launched their Fourth of July sale shopping coupons already and trust me, I have checked most of them looking for a deal on Gopro Hero 3 cameras.  The Gopro brand was excluded from any site wide discount sales that I have found so far.  This is normal for the Gopro Brand which is why when you find a deal, jump on it because it will probably disappear quickly.  Last month I posted a blog for a 10% off Gopro Coupon code and it worked for less then two days because someone must of caught wind of it from corporate and called the vendor.  Anyways they do fall through the cracks and corporate does approve Gopro discounts periodically.  You will usually know right away that a Gopro sale was approved because there will be multiple online vendors offering a discount.

Anyways that doesn’t mean there are no hot Gopro Deals, because there is at Gopro Coupons.  With these Gopro Coupons posted your still going to pay the $399 for a Gopro hero 3 black camera and $299 for a Gopro Hero 3 Silver camera like everywhere else, but the free stuff that you get adds up to real savings.  First off both Gopro Coupons includes Gopro Free shipping.  A side note on getting free shipping is that you should never pay for shipping on a Gopro Camera.  Buying direct from Gopro will cost you at least $10 more for shipping, so I’m not sure why anyone would do that, but I’m sure hundreds are ordering online direct everyday.  There are a ton of Free shipping coupons at Gopro Coupon codes, pick one because the price on the cameras are the same across the board.

Now what you get by using one of the listed coupons is a free Micro SD Card with your Gopro Camera.  The Hero 3 Silver edition gets you a free Class 10 16GB micro SD Card.  You can upgrade to a 32Gb for an extra 20 dollars.  For the Hero 3 Black edition camera you get a free class 10 32GB Micro SD Card.  The Hero 3 black edition also gives you the option to get a free 2 battery Wasabi Power Kit instead of the 32 GB sd card which is great if you happen to have an extra SD Card to use in your camera.  Since I was on the Gopro website, to figure out their shipping cost, I will use their SD Card pricing as a reference.  They charge $24.99 for a 16GB card and $49.99 for a 32GB card.  If you do the math the Gopro Hero 3 silver coupon is like a 8% off coupon, plus free shipping and the Gopro Hero 3 black coupon is like a 12.5% off coupon, plus free shipping.  If I found a $40 off Gopro coupon or even a $30 off coupon, I’m sure it would be the most widely used, but the 30-40 dollars savings would be used to go buy a SD Card somewhere else, making it the free SD Card the exact same deal.

For anyone that is looking for Gopro Accessory coupons I did find a discount coupon at Altrec.com coupons.  They have select Gopro Accessories discounted from 15% – 45% off.  The more popular discount Gopro accessories include 15% off Gopro Floaty back door and 15% off Gopro Battery Bacpac deals.

Last Day 20% off Gopro Coupons

It’s the last day for the 20 percent off Gopro Coupon at Gopro Coupons.  This Memorial Day coupon expires tonight, so if you have been waiting for a Gopro Hero 3 Black coupon, don’t miss the opportunity.  For $399 which is the cost of a Gopro Hero 3 Black edition camera anywhere and everywhere you look, you get yourself Gopro Free shipping, a free Gopro extra battery, a free Gopro Frame mount and a Free Gopro Chest Harness mount.  Normal cost of the package is $500, but by using the coupon at Gopro Coupons you save a full $100 off (20% off).   It’s one of the best Gopro Hero 3 coupons / Gopro Deals I have seen in a while.  If you don’t need all the free Gopro stuff, because your not going to use it, then you can go with one of the other Gopro Coupon codes.  I recommend the Free Micro SD Card Gopro Coupon.  This one gets you a free 32 GB Micro SD Card and includes Gopro Free shipping with the purchase of any Gopro Hero 3 black camera for $399.  This one is great because a 32GB micro SD Card will cost you from $40 – $60, so think of it as a $50 off Gopro coupon.  It’s like getting 12.5% off a Hero 3 Black camera.  You have to have a Micro SD Card, so if you don’t have one already you will be buying one from somewhere.  The cost of a Micro SD card is not as much as it is to buy all the free stuff that you get with the first deal, but if your not going to use any of it and need to buy a Micro SD Card for your new Gopro Camera, you will be shelling out more hard cash.  Rule is cash is king, so when comparing the two deals, I go with the one that is going to cost the least amount of money for my purpose.  If your not going to ever use any of the free mounts, why pay for a SD Card that  I need and have stuff sitting around with no purpose.  I would rather have the $50 bucks to spend on something else.  The big item in the 20% Bundle coupon is the extra battery which most people would want, but if that’s all you would use, go with the Gopro free  SD Card Coupon and buy a Wasabi Power kit a Wasabi Power Kit Coupon for $23.99.  It comes with two Japanese batteries and a AC/DC charger that lets you charge anywhere without the need of your camera to charge a battery.

Memorial Day 2013 Gopro Coupons for 20% off

There a new Memorial Day 2013 Gopro Coupon deal for 20% off at Gopro Coupons.  This latest deal will save you 20% off Gopro Hero 3 Black bundle.  It’s a savings of $100 off, but it’s only on the bundle not the Gopro Hero 3 Black Camera alone.  The bundle includes the Gopro Hero 3 black edition camera, extra Gopro Hero 3 black battery, Gopro chest harness and the Gopro Frame mount.  The regular price for this bundle is $499, but with the 20% off you end up paying $399.  In a nutshell you pay the going price for Hero 3 black camera of $399 and you get the extra battery, Gopro chest mount and the Gopro Frame mount for free.  This Gopro Coupon also includes Gopro Free shipping.  Overall it’s not a bad deal if your going to use the extra stuff.   You will need to add a Micro SD Card if you use this coupon in order to use your Gopro.  I highly recommend ordering your Micro SD Card somewhere else because they are charging $70 for a 32GB micro SD Card.  That would take your final cost to be at $470.  A 32 GB micro SD Card will cost you from $30 – $40 at Amazon.com SD Cards.

The alternative to this Gopro deal is to go with the free 32 Micro SD Card and Gopro Free shipping Coupon that is also available at Gopro Coupons.  It will save you some cash, because you will only pay $399 for everything you need.  Provided that you will not use all the extra free stuff, you should use this coupon.  Even if you may use one of the free items, you could purchase it and still end up at the same price.  The extra battery is nice to have, but if your looking for an extra battery you should not go with the Gopro extra battery.  Go with the Wasabi Power kit that cost about $25-$29 which comes with two batteries and it’s own AC/DC charger.  Unlike a extra Gopro battery don’t need to use your camera to charge, so you will always have extra batteries on the charge while your out shooting, plus you get two.  If the SD Card is not required, this second deal also lets you choose a free Wasabit Power kit instead of the Free  32GB micro SD Card.  One of these two Deals are your best savings on Gopro Hero 3 Black camera.  Every other memorial sale I have seen offering site wide discounts have Gopro Brand excluded from their discounts.  FYI if your looking for a Gopro Hero 3 Silver coupon, there is a Free 16GB micro SD Card and Free shipping coupon available as well at Gopro Coupon Codes.

Top Gopro Coupon Search

Top Gopro Coupons and the best 2013 Gopro Coupons are only available at 2013 Gopro Coupons.  I have written numerous blogs about the latest Gopro Deals and the best deal is the Gopro Hero 3 coupon at Gopro Coupons for Gopro Free shipping and Free MicroSD Card.  There are separate coupons available for both the Hero 3 Black edition and Hero 3 silver edition cameras.  For the Black editions which include the Gopro hero 3 Black  Surf edition and the Gopro Hero 3 Black adventurer edition, you also get the option to choose to receive a  Wasabi Power kit instead of the Free 32GB Micro SD Card, plus free shipping.  For the Gopro Hero 3 silver edition you get the free shipping and a free 16GB MicroSD card that you can upgrade to a 32GB for a couple of bucks more if you want.  There are no other top Gopro Coupons or Top Gopro Deals available at this time.

I’m hoping that your reading this blog, because you found it on Google search.  I always recommend that shoppers search for coupons when they are buying online.  It cost you nothing and you can usually find a deal somewhere.  I got a kick out of the result I received searching for “Top Gopro Coupons”.  Unfortunately this blog was not number one, but it at least made the list.  The big boy shopping coupon sites always make the top of the list though.  The problem I have is that none of the coupons that come up work.  It’s ridiculous the way the vet or don’t vet coupons.  I guess that’s why they make so much money.  I actually don’t care how much they make, because it actually saves me the buyer money, it just seems like they use false claims to attract shoppers.  I understand that Gopro Coupon codes and Gopro Sales change daily or expire but without naming names the list of deals is crazy because none of them work.  Quick Summary include 30% off Gopro products coupons, 50% off Gopro Coupons, $30 off Gopro Coupons and a whole bunch that don’t work.  If your reading this and thinking I’m the same, I can guarantee that I verify deals that I find before I write about them and will check back when I get a chance and blog if the deals are over.  That’s my two cents.  The best deal is available at Gopro Coupons and I will update everyone if the deals change or I can find new ones that are better.  FYI I went just went through 8 pages deep of Google searches!

New Gopro Coupon Deal being offered

Let’s start off with the best Gopro Coupon that I wrote about in my blog “free-gopro-wasabi-gopro-hero-3-coupon“.  It is still active and available for use at Gopro Coupons.  I was checking for new ones today and I noticed a new one posted in the list.  Normally the newest coupons get posted at the top of the list at Gopro Coupon Codes, but this time it’s the third coupon in the listing of most current Gopro Deals.  It looks like they have updated all their deals as of today March 5, because they listed available inventory on many of their coupons.  Now this deal is a Gopro Hero 3 Black coupon that includes the Gopro Hero 3 Black camera and a bonus SSE kit.  Cost with coupon is $523.95.  The question is if this is a good a deal or not.  What you get in addition too the Hero 3 camera are the following,  32GB Micro SD Card, extended life replacement battery, external rapid charger for home and Travel, high speed card reader, deluxe case, HDMI cable and a starters kit.  The starter kit appears to include some lens cleaner, cloth & swabs, screen protectors and a picture of a mini tripod.  It’s not really clear on the tripod but it is definitely pictured in what you get.  It appears to be a ton of stuff but do you need all this stuff for an extra $123 above the $399 cost of a Gopro Hero 3 Black Camera.

You need the 32GB micro SD card to use your camera and the extra battery is nice.  In this deal you get one battery and charger.  The wasabi power kit comes with two batteries and rapid charger for $23.99 at Wasabi Power Coupon.  A HDMI cable cost you $8.99. That leaves the starter kit where a lens cleaning kit will cost you about $10 just about anywhere.  Screen protectors which I’m not sure where you would use them cost about 10 bucks as well.  That leaves the case and possibly the Tripod.  A basic camera case which i’m sure is what is included such as the Duragadget Padded case will cost you $14 at Gopro Cases.  The most a tripod will cost you is about $20 and there is a huge selection at Gopro Tripod Coupons.   So that puts us at about $58 dollars above $399, making your total around $460.  I am basing this on using the Gopro Coupon for free 32GB SD Card or Wasabi Power kit, since it also includes a 32GB Micro SD CARD.  Bottom line is if you use the Free Gift Gopro Coupon at Gopro Coupons to order your Camera for $399 and add the wasabi Power, HDMI cable, case and tripod at Gopro Accessory Coupons you will save you about $60, plus you get end up with a wider selection and a extra Gopro Battery.

Better then $50 off Gopro Coupon

I think I blogged last week or earlier this week on the great $50/17% off Gopro Camera coupons, but there is an update.  New Gopro Coupon code available for almost the same Gopro Deal.   You still save the $50(17%) off, but if you add a 16GB SD Card to your cart and use the Gopro Coupon code you get the SD Card free.  Also the great deal on the $79.99 Gopro Wi-Fi Remote Combo Kit is sold out.  Grab the coupon code at Gopro Coupon Codes.

Still can get 10 -12 Percent off Gopro Camera Coupons

Last week there was a whopping 17% off Gopro Camera coupon available.  It last about 2 days, but not to worry.  New Gopro coupons have emerged this week at Gopro Coupon Codes.  Free shipping is available from pretty much all the deals listed, but you can still save 10-12 percent off a Gopro Hero 2 Camera.  The free 16gb SD card with Gopro camera purchase coupon is also still available from RazorReef or MountainPluse and they both have stock and shipping immediately.  Grab the right coupon for you at Gopro Coupons.